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a 12 day, self-paced mini course on the sacred responsibility of being in a white body in this time


Getting into our bodies is really popular right now (breathwork, dance, somatics, womb work, energy healing, etc). We’re here for it. The thing is, embodiment practice isn’t getting us very far if we aren’t looking at how our bodies have been raced and politicized. Whiteness not only lives in systems and institutions — it lives in every cell of our bodies raced as white. The Powers that Be don’t want us to know why whiteness exists or how to extract it, because once we do, the matrix will start to become undone. So many of us are ready to live in communities that are healing and just, and it turns out that we can’t have that if we aren’t dealing with the way whiteness shows up in our body. We call this process becoming an Embodied Ancestor. Join us for IN THIS BODY and learn more about the sacred responsibility of being in a white body here and now.


Each day, you’ll receive a short video describing one of the 12 Keys to Becoming an Embodied Ancestor.


THE POLITICS OF BEING IN A WHITE BODY — Whiteness is a political energy that hacks our bodies, our communities, and the system. When we can see whiteness as a political energy imposed on us, we can move through white guilt and paralysis.

WHITENESS: A CREATION STORY — Whiteness was designed to divide the sacred whole body of humanity. When we understand the creation story of whiteness, we can clearly see that our racial segregation is not natural — it’s been engineered.

ANCESTRAL HEALING FOR PEOPLE RACED AS WHITE — Whiteness estranges us from our ancestors, who gave up their culture in exchange for the safety of being white. When we reconnect with the trauma, wisdom, and culture of our ancestors before they were white, we reconnect with our pre-colonial indigeneity.

OUR INDIGENOUS SPIRITUALITIES — Whiteness has separated us from our ancestral body and the Earth body. As we heal from our whiteness, we return to right relationship with our ancestors and the Earth, which is the foundation of indigenous spirituality.

HEALING FROM WHITE CHRISTIAN SUPREMACY — Whiteness has hacked our spiritual life and connection with the Divine. When we deprogram our socialization in the teachings of white Christian supremacy (whether or not we’re religious), we can meaningfully participate in multi-racial communities of love and resistance.

CONTEMPLATIVE ACTIVISM — Whiteness has polarized our spiritual practices into either over-contemplation or over-action. As our communities heal from the either/or thinking of whiteness, we learn how to be in the cycle of contemplation and action together across race.

WHY HEART-CENTEREDNESS ISN’T WORKING — Whiteness keeps us in our heads and only part of our hearts. When we move from our hearts and heads and into the fullness of our body, we bring our whole body online to experiencing all emotions — from sacred rage to ecstatic joy.

BEING IN LIBERATED RELATIONSHIPS — Whiteness keeps us in dysregulated relationship behaviors of martyrdom, saviorhood, and politeness. When we liberate our relationships from the attachment patterns of whiteness, we can actually have friends and build community across race.

FROM ALLYSHIP TO SOLIDARITY — Whiteness and supremacy is taking everyone down. When we understand the depth of how whiteness hurts us too (and even moreso for marginalized identities), we move from performative allyship to genuine solidarity in the movement for justice.

GRIEVE AND LAMENT — Whiteness wants us to bypass the human process of grief and lament. Becoming an embodied ancestor means actually feeling our feelings about what the creation of whiteness has done to us all, across race.

EMBRACE SACRED RAGE — Whiteness wants our vocation to be love and light. Becoming an embodied ancestor means allowing our sacred rage to move us into action.

FIERCELY LOVE THE FUTURE — Whiteness indoctrinates us into short-term thinking and generational selfishness. Becoming an embodied ancestor means devotedly building a just future.