The Energetically Just Business Immersion

Transform the sacred energy of your business into a powerful tool for healing + justice


At Energetic Justice:

We believe energy is the most powerful tool for healing and justice.

We envision a world where energy is sacred and injustice is impossible.

Our mission is to help people harmonize their energy for the spiritual battle of liberation.

We call this liberatory healing, and it is:

  • Trauma-Informed — because not one of us lives outside of violence

  • Justice-Informed — because nobody’s free until we all are

  • Spiritually-Informed — because everything is holy


Your business is a bridge to a world where everyone can thrive.


We designed this Energetically Just Business Immersion to help those us in the movement who are running business and desire for those businesses to mirror the liberation we’re trying to build…

because honestly, that’s the way the market is headed. Gone are the days when clients didn’t ask if justice, trauma, or spirituality were integrated into your work — clients are increasingly advocating for themselves and they want to buy from folks who are (ever-deepening) liberatory healers + business owners. 

Truth is, your business IS a concrete step towards building, validating, and experimenting with the next system — a system where we all get free.

We recognize it’s damn near impossible to have a perfectly just business at this moment in history under the white supremacist-capitalist-heterosexist-patriarchy. We’re not trying to propose that it’s possible to be 100% ‘cruelty-free’ in your business. We are here to help you bend the arc of y(our) business(es) toward justice, and to help you achieve your business goals around inclusivity, diversity, and equity. 

Where We Dive In

Throughout this immersion, we’re providing personalized support, resources, feedback, and action steps on the following areas of your business:


Energetically Just Services

coaching, energy healing, therapy, and more - serving people & communities in an energetically just way



Energetically Just Gatherings

team meetings, retreats, sharing circles, movement trainings, team building exercises, ceremony, community meals, and more - gathering people in an energetically just way



Energetically Just Products

from earth-based gifts to digital downloads - exchanging products in an energetically just way



Energetically Just Partnerships

with other humans, the earth, guides, ancestors, and own selves - partnering with others in an energetically just way



Energetically Just Pricing

fixed rates, slide-scales, trades, and barters - exchanging energy and money in an energetically just way



Energetically Just Messaging

from our napkins to notebooks to TED talks and beyond - developing and transmitting our message in an energetically just way



Energetically Just Marketing

online and offline - sharing and expanding our work in an energetically just way



Energetically Just Self Care

wherever we are, whatever we do - tending to our own healing + liberation in an energetically just way



What You Receive

The investment for this immersion is $1111 USD and includes:

  • The EJ Business ApPRAISEal — the vibe is a celebration of your commitment thus far (and going forward) to an energetically just world; the work is we show up to the Immersion Call prepared to praise and support you after reviewing your website, social media presence, marketing, programs, and pricing

  • 2 Hour Immersion Call — space for us to drop in, connect, and explore together how your business can be moved into greater energetic justice, benefitting both you and your clients

  • The EJ Business Report — customized feedback, reflections, resources, and action steps to anchor your business (or a specific project) more deeply in the movement for liberation

  • 60 Minute Integration Call — a session 30 days later to provide additional support and feedback and help you integrate what’s come up 

  • The Energetic Justice Meditation a bonus 25-minute guided meditation to support you in discerning and integrating the action steps for up-leveling your business to be more energetically just



What It’s Like

Imagine walking into a massage room, and you sit down with the practitioners (us) to talk about the body of your business. Maybe your business needs an all-over healing massage (a general assessment of your business and its alignment with Energetic Justice). Maybe it needs a deep focus on on area of the body (a specific deep-dive like pricing or partnerships). We decide together on what feels right, and then we invite the animist wisdom of Energetic Justice to serve and support the body of your business. In the end, the body of your business feels more rejuvenated (maybe even a little sore), and more deeply aligned with its unique energy in the movement for liberation.


Why Us?


As you probably already know: We’re the Kellys -- space holders here at Energetic Justice, and yes, we have the same name. Our name carries the energy of Kelle, the Celtic mother goddess and darkness warrior of pre-colonial Ireland, whose origins began in Asia as Kali Ma. We are using our warrior name as our mission to fortify people for the spiritual battle for #energeticjustice.

We both have backgrounds engaging energetic justice in corporate, non-profit, activism, and solopreneur spaces, including:

  • Kelly E’s 8 years infiltrating and advising corporations from tiny tech start-ups to larger-scale organizations like LiveNation to fight for sustainability and responsibility

  • Kelly G’s 8 years of anti-racist and intersectional training and practice, including being mentored by and becoming a lead trainer with prominent national equity experts at the Racial Equity Institute

  • Our combined long-haul activism experience organizing around refugee and immigration rights, climate justice, poverty elimination, anti-racism, access to education and mental health care, ending mass incarceration, animal rights, and more

  • Our shared commitment to serving the sacred as energy healers, trauma therapists, and modern mystics



Ready to make your business more energetically just?


$1111 upfront OR two payments of $555 USD

4 spaces available for Fall 2019


Let’s connect! Schedule a free call with us.