About Us

Our Belief
We believe energy is the most powerful tool for healing and justice.

The Vision
We envision a world where energy is sacred and injustice is impossible.

The Mission
We help people harmonize their energy for the spiritual battle of liberation.

Our Style
We’re in the practice of liberatory healing, which means it’s:

TRAUMA-INFORMED— because not one of us lives outside of violence

JUSTICE-INFORMED — because nobody’s free until we all are

SPIRITUALLY-INFORMED — because change is ceremony



We’re the Kellys, space holders here at Energetic Justice, and yes, we have the same name. Our name carries the energy of Kelle, the Celtic mother goddess and darkness warrior of pre-colonial Ireland, whose origins began in Asia as Kali Ma. We are using our warrior name as our mission to fortify people for the spiritual battle for #energeticjustice.

We both have backgrounds as healers and activists, and we believe we are now entering an era where spirituality and social justice are inseparable. We can no longer organize without healing. We can no longer heal without organizing. We call this the Now Age, and we invite you to join us in the practice of becoming a Liberatory Healer.

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