Energetic Justice


Get clear on the intersection of healing and social justice,

Get free from call-out culture and spiritual bypassing,

Get in integrity with your authentic magic for 2019.

If your spiritual work isn’t addressing collective liberation, then what are you actually healing? Get the LIBERATORY HEALER CHECKLIST to orient your 5D healing work to the 3D realities of the human family.

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Energetic Justice

/ˌenərˈjedik ˈjəstəs/


by energy, we mean: our personal and collective magic

by justice, we mean: the transformation of things to the way they ought to be

by energetic justice, we mean: using our personal and collective magic to usher in liberation for all creation and creatures


Welcome to Energetic Justice. A liberatory space to heal activists and activate healers.

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About Us

Our Belief
We believe energy is the most powerful tool for healing and justice.

The Vision
We envision a world where energy is sacred and injustice is impossible.

The Mission
We help people harmonize their energy for the spiritual battle of liberation.

Our Style
We’re in the practice of liberatory healing, which means it’s:

TRAUMA-INFORMED— because not one of us lives outside of violence

JUSTICE-INFORMED — because nobody’s free until we all are

SPIRITUALLY-INFORMED — because change is ceremony



We’re the Kellys, space holders here at Energetic Justice, and yes, we have the same name. Our name carries the energy of Kelle, the Celtic mother goddess and darkness warrior of pre-colonial Ireland, whose origins began in Asia as Kali Ma. We are using our warrior name as our mission to fortify people for the spiritual battle for #energeticjustice.

We both have backgrounds as healers and activists, and we believe we are now entering an era where spirituality and social justice are inseparable. We can no longer organize without healing. We can no longer heal without organizing. We call this the Now Age, and we invite you to join us in the practice of becoming a Liberatory Healer.

Learn more about us here.


Here’s the bad news:

The bad news is: we’ve been operating in era where healing work and activism have been pitted against each other. Activists believe we don’t have time for healing work. Healers believe activism is too divisive. Instead of working together, we’ve been yelling at and separating out from one another.

The bad news is: we’ve been living as if the New Age was still alive. The New Age was an era where those of us living on colonized lands (particularly those of us raced as white) woke up and returned to the ancient wisdom of indigenous culture. In this process of returning, we began taking and leaning on ancestral teachings that are not our own. We’ve been out of integrity, which is a huge part of the reason why we’re getting called out. The New Age & this era of cultural appropriation is over. It’s been dead, we just haven’t accepted it’s death (yet).

The bad news is: our authentic ancestral magic has been taken and hidden from us. Which leaves us using and peddling spiritual tools that are not ours. This doesn’t mean there’s no room for honoring spiritual tools outside of your culture. It does mean though, that there’s a profound calling for people raced as white to excavate our own indigenous wisdom.

The bad news is: we unintentionally keep building our spiritual healing work to mirror systems of oppression. Our business models, website copy, retreat planning, pricing and marketing methods - All of it is (often) still mirroring the oppressive economics + culture we’re trying to undo.  

… and some Good News:

  1. Healing work and activism are coming together. Cutting edge healers and activists have developed intersectional movements to bridge the gap - to heal minds + bodies + spirits while we simultaneously heal injustice in the external world.

  2. We’ve entered the Now Age. This is the era where those of us living on colonized lands can root in the realities of systemic oppression, return to our ancestral indigenous cultures, transform our spiritual work for liberation, and take action for ENERGETIC JUSTICE. This is the pathway for ushering in personal sovereignty and collective liberation.


Why Energetic Justice?

We are building Energetic Justice to call in a diverse, intersectional group of healers and activists who are prepared to hold the complexities of spirituality and social justice in the Now Age and usher in our collective liberation in an emergent way.


We do not intend to “own” Energetic Justice.
We take an animist point of view with this work — we understand Energetic Justice as an independent entity in and of itself and one that we are channeling into reality. Our intention here is to build a foundational perspective and hold the space for further collaboration, refinement, and nuance alongside other intersectional leaders. We offer up Energetic Justice as “more water joining the river” (adrienne maree brown) in the movement for freedom.

While we are open to many approaches for moving this vision through, three have emerged to the forefront:

1. To center the voices of intersectional leaders who are working in the space between spirituality and social justice with a trauma-informed lens. Our free download, The Liberatory Healer Checklist, highlights some of the many activists and healers across race, class, gender identity, and sexual orientation that we look to. We realize that most of the leaders we’re spotting are in North America, and we’re eager to bring in more global perspectives as this work evolves. (Have some connections for us? Let us know.)

2. To critically analyze and adjust the “water” in which spiritual people are swimming, which is largely influenced by New Age Spirituality. We declare that a new era has begun — The Now Age — where spirituality and social justice aren’t opposites, but instead two edges of the same sword of Truth. Our free trainings, The New Age Is Dead + Welcome to the Now Age, explore the sea-change that’s inevitably coming (and one we’re desperately needing).

3. To create a trauma-informed space for people to experience liberatory teachings, deep healing, and helpful resources to decolonize their worldview, dismantle systems of oppression, reconnect to their ancestral magic, and move into genuine solidarity with all peoples for true liberation. Our 3 month training program, ORIENTATION, provides the space for initiating this essential process for European-descended people raced as ‘white’, and includes the liberatory teachings and voices of intersectional Asian, Black, Latinx, and Native leaders. As white women, we view this program as one of many ways of “collecting our own” people in the movement for justice. We imagine and support other healers, teachers, and activists expanding on the principles of Energetic Justice to create similar trauma-informed space for other identity groups.

Energetic Justice is an evolving theory and practice.
We see many possibilities ahead, and yet, stand fully rooted in the present moment and what we know to be true in the here and now. We invite you into this emergent process alongside us and look forward to seeing all that Energetic Justice has to teach us. Is Energetic Justice speaking to you too? Reach out to us here.


To make this happen, we need a plan.

We offer these 3 FREE RESOURCES to support us all in the journey ahead:







THE NEW AGE IS DEAD: how light + love created call-out culture